Ok, so the actual article headline is “Obama pledges better cybersecurity, top advisor”. The article goes on to detail the plan as such:

In the homeland security document, published on Thursday, the administration pledged to create a top cybersecurity position, harden the nation’s infrastructure, fund research and development of secure computing technologies, and work with the private sector to set standards from cybersecurity. The document also promised that the administration will work with industry to develop better defenses against cyber espionage, shut down the mechanisms through which online criminals profit from their crimes, and mandate better privacy and breach disclosures. (Emphasis Added)

I’m not opposed to the government taking a more active role in securing the communications infrastructure, and I’m especially not opposed to mandating better breach disclosure. However, the part about “developing better defenses against cyber espionage” has me concerned, as this would seem to indicate an increased level of monitoring the internet. Regardless of what comes of this effort, I hope that the administration at least takes an open approach to letting us all know what exact steps are being taken as opposed to vague platitudes about keeping everyone safe. That statement bears striking resemblance to the justifications for the PATRIOT act, and we all know how well that turned out.

One thought on “Obama Pledges (more) Internet Monitoring

  1. Mickey Mouse says:

    Thank God we still live in a world where you can get internet privacy, even if it comes at a price. Since we the people have been deemed unworthy to maintain our own internet privacy, what has the world come to?

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