On Wednesday, while the virtualization and cloud computing topics were continuing to see a lot of coverage, I began to focus my attendance in some different areas. The first Wednesday keynote included a brief discussion of the 60-day cybersecurity review by Melissa Hathaway, Acting Senior Director for Cyberspace for the Obama administration. While she did not tip her hand regarding what would be in the final report, she spent a lot of time discussing the importance of the report and the work which will come out of it. You can read her speech by following the word document link on this article in The Atlantic. Also on Wednesday was a panel discussion on the increasing prominence of legal and audit[…]

I can easily sum up what nearly every talk, every keynote, and every booth vendor is discussing here at RSA.  I just need four words: “Cloud computing and virtualization”. Virtualization is important because of the desire to make things cheaper and easier to maintain, and presents a powerful argument for power savings especially the week of earth day. The security concerns in virtualization are generally no different than they are with any current system, except for attack vectors between the host and guest operating systems. Virtualizing security services may be helpful in long term cost savings, but introduces additional risks which must be considered and mitigated or accepted. During the Cryptographer’s Panel, counterarguments about cloud computing were presented. Whit Diffie[…]