Here at Security Musings, we occasionally discuss some fairly technical topics. Like most speciallized subjects, there is a plethora of disorganized information, and occasional spatterings of highly organized resources on the Internet that help widen one’s knowledge and expertise in any given area.

One such spattering I recently came across is the online version of the Handbook of Applied Cryptography (not to be confused with the other book of similar appellation that is more-frequently used in college classes around the country).

Although it can get pretty nitty gritty at times with regard to the math and science involved in cryptography, sometimes that is exactly what you need to get the full picture and/or fill in the blanks that other resources gloss over in the interest of comprehensibility.

And best of all, the publishing company has released the chapters for free electronic distribution:

Keep in mind, the last printing was in 2001, so some of the information may be a little aged. But if you’ve ever read any of our posts regarding public key encryption (Ch. 8, pdf), hash functions (Ch. 9, pdf), or digital signatures (Ch. 11, pdf), and wish we went a little further with the technical details, this just might satiate your thirst for knowledge.