As I mentioned in an earlier post, the 2010 RSA Conference Keynote addresses have been posted online and I’m linking some of my favorites from the 2010 conference. You can view an interactive webcast, view the video, or even listen/download audio-only podcasts of the keynote presentations. It is often hard to follow the keynotes in the first day, so I’m just going to mention the highlights from the rest of the week.

  • Tuesday’s keynote by Philippe Courtot, Chairman & CEO of Qualys was a pretty good one, and should have been given prior to some of the other keynotes since it provided a bit of a primer on cloud computing. He discusses some basics around cloud computing and what it will likely become in the future.
  • It is always important to hear what the Government has to say, so Janet Napolitano’s brief remarks are worth watching.
  • Tired of pure security talk? Catch a good presentation and discussion on emerging brain-computer interfaces by Dr. John Donoghue.
  • While I think Art Coviello’s keynotes have been getting better over the years, I always preferred the first day keynotes by Jim Bidzos. We were fortunate to get a keynote presentation from him this year about security and trust on the Internet.
  • And finally, the always entertaining Hugh Thompson provides a look at the steps forward and back in security over the last year and interviews a few individuals including Craig Newmark from craigslist and Steve Wozniak.

Keep an eye on the 2010 RSA Conference website, especially if you were an attendee/delegate. Over the coming weeks and months they often make some of the most highly valued discussions and presentations available for viewing. It is a good way to stay connected to the themes of the year even if you couldn’t be at the conference.