Les Jordan from Microsoft recently wrote a blog post entitled Identity Management: a key to seamless CTMS and EDC. In it, he presents some of the solutions Microsoft is introducing in the identity management space, currently under the name of Microsoft Geneva including the Geneva Framework, and the Microsoft Identity Federation Gateway.

The idea is fairly simple. Many (most?) large enterprises already manage their users and systems using Active Directory.  Geneva allows publishing the components of your Active Directory required for doing identity federation on the Internet.  The publishing is performed in a standards-compliant way (using WS-* and SAML 2.0) and allows it to be used for claims between enterprises.

…the issue of Identity Management, Username and Password proliferation, and cross-company collaboration is an issue that has hindered true (and secure) data availability and collaboration in the Life Sciences industry.  Perhaps now we can get the Identity Management issue behind us and move on.

Whether or not Geneva becomes the one standard way to allow interoperable identity management across multiple enterprises in the life sciences space, it is clearly going to lower barriers between organizations and increase our trustworthiness in digital identities.